May 252011

Murder, home spun wisdom and dried ears on a string. These are three elements you can expect from Rag-NERD-rok’s first audio serial. “Dead of WInter” is a six-episode audio drama involving the murder of a Pine Springs teen named Sarah Winter, told from the perspective of a small town lawyer. In each episode, lawyer Neil Price gets a part of the story from one of the people closest to the murdered girl. Continue reading »

May 202011

I’d like to talk a bit about A Dirty World, a roleplaying game I recently picked up in which players can “explore the rain-slicked streets of film noir.” Before I begin the review proper, I should point out that I have yet to play in or run a game of A Dirty World, and as such, the following is based purely on the sourcebook itself and my speculations about how the system it describes would work in practice. That said, I’m highly looking forward to playing this game, not only because I indulge in the occasional hard-boiled detective film, but also because the mechanics of the game itself are designed to push dramatic conflict and character development.

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