Mar 292012

I was recently approached by Odin himself, who was in a state of fury. He was being plagued by nightmares caused by a single unanswered question.

“This has been gnawing at me since before Thor and Loki were even gleams in my eye!” he thundered.

This question is, of course, who are the top five recurring Star Trek characters? He appointed me, personally, to investigate this matter and come up with an answer for him. And over the next five weeks I shall do just that.

(Find out who’s No. Five after the jump)

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Mar 282012

According to role-playing jargon, a railroad is the metaphor which most accurately reflects the extremes of control that a game master has over her players. If she leads them through the plot, as if on a train track, taking them from one “stop” to the next without any flexibility, she is said to be “railroading.” On the other hand, if she gives the players carte blanche to do whatever they like and they go somewhere she never intended, the game has gone “off the rails.” Understandably, neither of these scenarios is very much fun in practice, but acknowledging this raises an important question: how much control can a GM give her players while still remaining in the driver’s seat?

(Find out what I think the answer is after the break.)

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Mar 272012

In the twentieth episode of Rag-NERD-rok, Ryan, Ed, Meyer and Alex take a look at several different sub-genres of horror in order to break down and analyze what exactly makes each so scary. After the break, the boys indulge Ryan with another one of his Rag-NERD-libs, and the entire crew responds to some listener voicemails/email. If you’ve ever mussed your unmentionables in terror at the prospect of being chased through the woods by a knife-wielding psychopath, having your flesh transformed into a living VCR, learning how truly insignificant man is in the scheme of things, or biting your nails in anticipation at the barbed conversation of a cannibalistic genius, then this episode is just what you’ve been looking for!

(Show Notes after the break.)

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Mar 272012

I have learned recently that I am not a fan of the Mass Effect series. After more than 100 hours of playing the three games, it has been brought to my attention that I did not, in fact, enjoy it. How did I learn that, you ask? I enjoyed the ending of Mass Effect 3.

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Mar 272012

So some of you may have noticed that we promised to bring back daily updates and then failed to deliver. Our bad.

You see, Meyer still has some Kinks to work out with the comic. Seriously. His computer is infested with hundreds of Kinks, and those bastards stole the file away after he finished the comic. He just didn’t have the time yesterday to redo it.

But we’ll get back on track, and you’ll get your daily posts soon. We promise!

(Note: we don’t actually promise)