Sep 122012

In this episode, our brave Sentinels dig deeper into the connection between Barsoomian terrorist group The Knights of John Carter and the rogue Firewall splinter organization known as The Prometheus Syndicate. First, everyone pitches in to interrogate the forknapped egos of two ComEx employees seen at the Barsoomian rally, but are they part of the master plan, or simply unwitting pawns in a game they aren’t even aware of? Later, Lucas, Elis and Dalton meet with Lucas’ old squad leader, Blake Diaz, a man who they’ve fought before on Luna. Meanwhile, Gavin and Damien return to the ruster bar where they first made their connection to The Movement in order to get more information out of Big John. Can our heroes learn more about the plans to destroy the space elevator on Olympus Mons before its anniversary celebration? Will the group survive its encounter with Lucas’ past? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles

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