May 012013

In the remote prison colony of Burkestown, where the tropical rains and hot weather make life all but intolerable, the governor uses omnipresent surveillance and squads of ruthless marines to keep the lags firmly under her control. However, her authoritarian leadership has one fatal weakness: her ex-husband, the dimber damber. When the colony’s lord of vice makes an ill-advised power play, it sets off a struggle for control that will touch all levels of society on both sides of the Authority / prisoner divide, drawing an anarchist radical, a newly freed prisoner and a profiteering businessman into the fray. Can they survive this brutal conflict with their oaths intact? Who will be the first to exploit the governor’s strange, voyeuristic attachment to the dimber damber? And what will be the ultimate fate of the colony itself? Listen to this week’s Rag-NERD-rok Actual Play to find out!

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