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Game of Thrones has quickly become one of the most respected shows and book series of our generation, seemingly overnight. Before the HBO show, few people had heard of the series. Now, everyone talks about how Winter is Coming. We here at Rag-NERD-rok love us some Game of Thrones. So with the third season recently wrapped, we decided to talk about it and share our thoughts about… OMG THE RED WEDDING! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK! I DON’T…BUT…IT…GAH!!!!!


(Spoilers and show notes after the jump. And sorry about the Ned Stark meme. We just had to do it.)

I. Cold Open: The Newest RNR Characters (00:00:00)

We hit our milestone 34th episode! We decided to celebrate by introducing a slew of new and soon-to-be loved characters. In our Game of Thrones episode. What could possibly go wrong?

II. Game of Thrones Discussion (00:02:02)

The gang talks about their favorite moments from the series thus far. Then everyone but Alex makes predictions for where they think the series is going to go. Since Alex has read the books, he sat back and quietly chuckled to himself, eager for the hopes and dreams of his friends to be crushed.

III. Skit: Something is Rotten in the Night’s Watch (00:47:44)

The men of the Night’s Watch are surrounded by Wildlings, the Lord Commander is off his gourd, and there’s a traitor in their midst! Dramatic music abounds!

IV. Fuck, Marry, Behead (00:52:05)

Probably the worst game you could play revolving around Game of Thrones characters. But we do it anyway. Because the Hound is a sexy piece of man meat.

V. Swear Allegiances (01:12:55)

Everyone says which of the noble houses of Westeros they would swear their allegiance to. All hail the King in the North!

VI. Outro (01:22:38)

This episode has had, without a doubt, the highest body count of any RNR episode ever. Sorry to the families of the characters who were quickly killed off in the beginning. Their lives were not lost in vain. We promise that we won’t completely forget about them by the next episode. So long as we don’t get distracted by…HOLY FUCK! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT! THE RED FUCKING WEDDING! WALDER FREY IS A BOX OF COCKS!

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Music / SFX:

First Interlude – Winter Empire (Dano) / CC BY 3.0
Second Interlude – Wedding Dress (Howie Mitchell) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Outro – Dawn of Swords (Knit Witch) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Sound effects courtesy of Abysmal, erkanozan, strangely-gnarled, joelaudio, jeseid77, cgeffex, black-snow, ryans-nook, v0idation, esperri, musicmasta, bahaish, lolamadeus, shawnyboy, mixedupmoviestuff, qubodup, yoh, vosvoy, pfranzen of Freesound.org.


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The Lannisters send their regards…

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