Aug 282013

This week, join us as we imagine life among the lags of New Launceston, a penal colony on the remote Twynn’s World, where the plants are deadly, the giant bees are sentient, and a revolution is brewing. Authority schemes to keep the prisoners under their rule by creating a figurehead liaison to address grievances, but will this sop be enough to quell the rising resentment among their charges? The Dimber Damber and his Abbot struggle to keep control of a burgeoning drug trade, but what of the seemingly intelligent collective of insects that have been attacking production sites? A man comes forward who claims to have spoken to the insects’ Queen All-Mother, but is he a diplomat or a lunatic? And finally, when all else fails, can the formidable Captain of the Marines avert a disaster, or will all hell break loose at the hands of one soldier who is overly fond of high explosives? Listen to find out!

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