Nov 272013

Five hundred years ago, the Eschaton, a world-shattering meteor storm, destroyed Western Civilization as we know it, cutting off Europe and Northern Africa from the rest of the globe. Since then, high technology has fallen out of use, and extreme factionalism has swept the wasteland, splitting the survivors into ideologically, sometimes religiously opposed groups. Other dangers lurk in the wilderness as well: when the meteors fell to Earth, they carried an alien substance that transformed many innocent people into Psychonauts, mutants that are shunned by society. When a mercenary, a former police officer, a con woman and a man bent on vengeance stumble into an old mountain tunnel on the Autobahn, they’ll come face-to-face with the horrors of the apocalypse. If they want to get out alive, they’ll have to confront the monsters in the tunnels, and inside their own skins. Will they stay together long enough to make it through, or will they die at the hands of something more awful than they can imagine? Listen to find out!

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