Feb 122014

When criminals threaten Boston, the city’s populace turn to the intrepid heroes of The No Way! Squad’s East Coast franchise! With the crime-fighting opportunities piling up, Jonathan Expy, the team’s frustrated manager, summons them to headquarters to face not one—but three—potential antagonists. The path they choose will lead them to a confrontation with a gang of former foes at the Boston Aquarium. Can America’s favorite trademarked team of superheroes keep focus long enough to take down the bad guys and rescue a hostage, or will they be distracted by the adorable hourly penguin show? Listen to find out!

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  • every time you guys do this it gets more and more horrifying (or maybe just horrifying in new ways) and it is the best thing. the best thing. this was merely charmingly hilarious until the–the crab dip. Chris, CHRIS of all people, expressing horror. at what you’re doing. I can’t. it’s not as artful as the fiascos, but fathertimefuckwhitespace are you people so, so good at playing horrible monsters. without seeming like you ARE horrible monsters! that might be the real artistry.

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