Feb 262014

This week, The Titor House Gang find themselves in a strange subterranean city where The Adversaries have created a slave-run weapons factory. The captive population lives in fear of an evil god called Tecumseh who keeps them confined underground, supposedly protecting them from their enemies on the surface. When Mrs. Wells’ time traveling B&B arrives, the city is placed on high alert to the heretical intentions of its passengers. Can they defeat Tecumseh and free the city from The Adversaries’ control, or will they find themselves on the sacrificial end of a sacrificial altar? More importantly, can Brendan show the slaves the true Tecumseh? Listen to find out!

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  • Oh no, a shoutout, what is this!?

    Nice game, though just a thought, it is kinda shitty to rewrite a character’s religion, eventhough it was silly.

    And Erik is a 12 year old girl, I would know, saw her myself.

  • I didn’t get a chance to fully explain it on air because I was feeling like shit and couldn’t talk, but it wasn’t really a rewrite of his religion. It was more of an contextualization/explanation of the beliefs. It’s akin to the Norse religion being explained by Marvel as actually being about pan-dimensional beings.

    Essentially, there was no change to Erik’s religion. Tecumseh is, and always was, Tyger. The game was just destiny catching up with itself.

    In other words….time travel

    • Yea, your right in the historical sense, nothing changed in time. Though it does change how it would not be perceived by the character, and when (Erik;s characters name here) prayed to Tecumseh in TH:4 Hawth 1, if I remember right, was he really just praying to Tyger the entire time?

      • Yes. Without realizing it. The way I had it planned all along, since game 1, was that Tecumseh was going to turn out to be a member of the party the whole time during a mission to the long past. I was kind of hoping it was going to be Brandon (Erik) himself who became Tecumseh, but it worked out this way too, I thought

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