Apr 232014
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When a human pilot, a droid mechanic, a Twi’lek bounty hunter and a wookie bodyguard run afoul of a powerful Hutt gangster, they’ll have to keep their wits about them if they want to escape Tatooine alive. A team of relentless Gamorean guards pursue the unlikely allies into a cantina in Mos Shuuta, a small spaceport where, if the four of them are lucky, they can secure transport off-world. The only thing standing in their way is the pesky concept of property ownership–the vessel they need happens to belong to a known slaver. Can they liberate a Corellian freighter from its rightful owner and put some interstellar distance between themselves and the Hutt’s hired killers before it’s too late, or will they end up as tragic casualties of a lawless Outer Rim world? Listen to find out!

  • Omega

    Oh, wow, calling me out by name. And not to say “man, I hate that guy”. I’ve never felt more loved.

    Sadly, I don’t actually own Edge of Empire, because I run for a Skype group and that makes having all the special dice difficult, so I can’t comment on the rules. Sounds good though, it seems like the system offers a lot of fluidity with the dice mechanics, so I mean, it seems fair to just run with it.

    I do know lots about Star Wars though. When you guys were looking for swears earlier, the word I most commonly and recently see used is “kriff”, but I don’t think anyone’s gonna fight you to use real people words.

  • Whyco

    Another interesting adventure with the Ragnerdok crew! I thoroughly enjoyed Pash’s plan to antagonize the scum and/or villainy in the cantina for a distraction.

    Meyer, good on you for taking up the gauntlet of DM. It can be intimidating trying to keep everything going smoothly. Playing with a new system is always a task; as Ragnerdrok leans towards a more narrative approach to RP than rule-crunchy systems it is possible that you will stumble over rule interpretation or application but try not to stress out and remember the golden rule to just have fun with it

    Working from a pre-written adventure can be frustrating with the limited options provided, I suggest that if you were to run another pre-written story you read the adventure and practice reading the boxed-text so that you’re comfortable with the flow of the narrative and can confidently present the descriptive text to your players. I know homework sucks, but it really helps. Once you write your own story you will be infinitely more comfortable with the NPCs and area layout.

    Lots of great scenes in this episode, my favorites must be Pash sealing the gunnery cockpit to preserve atmosphere and 41 deactivating all unnecessary systems including life support.

    • Alex

      Thanks! That plan to rouse the scum and villainy in the bar played out a lot better in my head than in actuality.

  • A cool look at Edge of the Empire. I’ve always wanted to give the game a go, especially all the cool dice.

  • I’m American, nerds! I lived in Germany for a while and speak the language fluently, but alas, I’m a US citizen from the tips of my immoral wars to the soles of my massive medical bills.

    German gay men are definitely wayyy kinkier on average than anyone else I’ve known. scat is a thing. I avoided it. fun fact: the word for watersports in German is Natursekt, “nature’s champagne.”

    • Alex

      Deep down, I always knew there was a reason I stayed away from German gay bars. Now I finally know what it is.

      Also, now I’m going to create a brand of champagne called Natursekt. Thanks, Crawlkill!

  • Journ-O-LST-3

    This is how my old Star Wars game started, it ended with Hutt genocide.

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