Apr 302014

Now that our intrepid Investigators have taken a hostage, set off an improvised explosive and exposed the awful secret behind Portland’s most nefarious cannery, there’s only one more loose end to take care of: destroying the subterranean army of mutated creatures that are killing innocent sailors. What’s worse, their previous expedition into the caves beneath the cannery has left the fearsome beasts in a super-powered frenzy thanks to their failed attempt to purge the tunnels with fire. After exhausting every possible option, Frank, Dr. Pepper, Augie, Shirley, Vic, Jamie and Paulie descend into the corrupted caverns to put an end to the mutants once and for all. Have they finally bitten off more than they can chew? Can they possibly emerge victorious, sane and alive from a cave full of horrors? And, more importantly, will Vic get some awesome footage on his Go-Pro? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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  • FRANK LIVES ON. it was touch and go there for a while.

    I would love it if this were actually a unified campaign and the PCs just kept fucking up so badly that they never spotted the thread. in the last episode, all of the recurring villains rise as a council and are disappointed to find that the investigators recognize none of them. even…the ones who hadn’t been cycled out by the Wheel of Fate.

  • Poor Frank gets more F’ed up every game. He’s going to to need to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask when he goes out in public.

  • Whyco

    For Alex’s reference: The ‘Bullshot Crummond’ movie features the traditional cephalopod wrestling match. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHXyFqLjxaM. Not a squid but there are definitely tentacles involved!

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