May 072014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

When we last left our team of Firewall Sentinels, they had just left the transhuman performance art piece / kilometer-long ensouled flesh cylinder known as MeatHab in order to infiltrate a ship of apex predators. Aboard the enemy vessel, they discovered a group of kidnapped ringers who served as the sapient quarry for these self-modified hunters. As they explore the ship, it becomes increasingly clear that something besides a nest of exhumans is at play–but what? Can the Sentinels learn the truth about the Hunting Grounds, defeat its crew of ravening gene-hacked monstrosities, and prevent the plot to contaminate the rings of Saturn with a deadly psychotropic fungus, or will they be blindsided by a threat they could hardly anticipate? Find out, on the final episode of “Manhunters!”

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