May 072014
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When we last left our team of Firewall Sentinels, they had just left the transhuman performance art piece / kilometer-long ensouled flesh cylinder known as MeatHab in order to infiltrate a ship of apex predators. Aboard the enemy vessel, they discovered a group of kidnapped ringers who served as the sapient quarry for these self-modified hunters. As they explore the ship, it becomes increasingly clear that something besides a nest of exhumans is at play–but what? Can the Sentinels learn the truth about the Hunting Grounds, defeat its crew of ravening gene-hacked monstrosities, and prevent the plot to contaminate the rings of Saturn with a deadly psychotropic fungus, or will they be blindsided by a threat they could hardly anticipate? Find out, on the final episode of “Manhunters!”

  • Omega

    Damn, these exhumans be bringing their A-game. Hell, I’d even inflate that to their S-game.

    But not an SS or SSS game.


    • They fought with all the superhuman acumen and strategy of a game master who’s losing track of everything because there’s too many people fighting. I need to stop running clusterfuck combats like this. It makes me sad every time.

      • Omega

        Listen, I’ve been GMing for like, 5 years now, maybe? If there’s one thing I’ve learned (among many), running a combat where the enemies match or outnumber a group of PCs greater than maybe, the 3 PC mark, and also have a skill or combat threat level comparable to a PC, are always a clusterfuck, unless your system is somehow designed with this in mind. It’ll never run smooth when you have to keep tabs on that many assholes. It’s been a while since I actually ran EP (and even then, mostly my best combat moments we 3-4 PCs vs single boss-type enemies), but with Wild Talents, this is my kryptonite.

    • Omega

      Also, you guys are really lucky that kinetic ammunition in EP is all caseless w/ electronic ignition, and thus may or may not use detachable box magazines, or I’d have to punch you all every time you said “clip”.

  • My group would’ve been like, “They want to use Meathab to cultivate some weird exofungus or something? OK, blow up Meathab, problem solved, go home and have a drink.”

  • Dave S (Certified)

    Is there a post that goes into Damien’s background? This story has really added something to the character(s).

    • Chris

      There is not. At one point I considered running a game to explain it, but I decided eclipse phase is too complicated for me to run.

      I started to reply with an explanation, but it got long enough that I thought no one would read it. Here is a summary: All of the Damiens (and there are a lot) are forks of the same uplifted pig. They were used in a rather inhumane nature/nurture experiment which produced a lot of people (pigs? egos? whatever) that were all fucked up in very different ways, by design. The experimenters foolishly produced enough Damiens that they were outnumbered. Eventually the Damiens realized this and overthrew them with their superior numbers.

      With their new found freedom, the Damiens are trying to end slavery in the universe the one way they know how: by over-inflating the number of slaves until the system is unmanageable and the slaves can easily revolt.

      • Dave S (Certified)

        Something I always wondered about slavers in Eclipse Phase was if you are able to edit memories and fork personas why does anyone need more than one? I mean, if you really wanted to you could fork yourself and turn the Alpha into a perfect servant then make a copies as needed.

        • I imagine it has more to do with the psychology of owning a person, rather than the sensible application of it. All of the slavers in Eclipse Phase are, you know, horrible people. They get off on the fact that they have slaves, regardless of whether or not they actually need them.

          From a corporate point of view, different people means different skillsets. A hypercorp would want as many different egos as possible as infomorphs because they’d get many different skills and experiences.

          • Dave S (Certified)

            It hadn’t occurred to me that the slaves might be performing advanced tasks. So, I can see that, where they need various skill sets. Makes me kind of think of the Indents from Ready Player One.

          • Also, massive forking can have negative impacts on egos. There’s a crime syndicate in the main book (can’t remember the name off the top of my head right now) that’s just one woman who’s forked herself hundreds of times. She’s rather crazy now.

          • Claudia Ambelina and the Pax Familae. Ohhhhh, goodness, she must be bugfuck nuts…

          • Unit Omega

            Depends on which Claudia it is, actually. With the right traits, short term forking can be pretty low-impact – Multitasking does it automatically (and you can always sync with XP), but you do merging over long term between highly diverged Egos and you’ll have a bad time. It’s probably creepier that the books imply Claudia has sex with herself to produce new physical bodies for herselves.

          • Dave S (Certified)

            Clone sex? I wonder if that is more of less creepy than clown sex.

          • Chris

            What if they were cloned clowns?

          • Dave S (Certified)

            Now, you’re just being nasty.

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