Nov 122014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

The conclusion to the new Eclipse Phase module, “Million Year Echo!” The team of Firewall Sentinels aboard the drifting airship is starting to splinter as their agendas come into conflict. When they discover what is potentially an extraterrestrial AI inhabiting several bots aboard the derelict ship, they are faced with three choices: destroy it, ensuring that any potential threat is contained, turn it over to Firewall for study, or keep it for themselves, a prospect that several Sentinels find disturbingly attractive. When the ship crashes in the Martian desert, deep in the TQZ, the only loyal Firewall agent will have to sort out her remaining teammates. Can she suss out what their real motivations are, and will that be enough to prevent an ex-threat outbreak? Listen to find out!

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