Jun 242015
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This week, everyone’s favorite time traveling bed and breakfast lands in 2010 Dallas, and its motley crew of magical guests are dispatched to assassinate two sleeper agents of The Adversaries. However, the team must tread lightly–or, at least, be slightly more careful than usual–because the killings they have been sent to perform figure prominently in the life of Dan and his ex-lover, Billy. Four years before departing with The Titor House for zany adventures throughout history, Dan was blamed for two murders he didn’t commit, which is what set TV bounty hunter Tyger Hawthorne on his trail in the first place. Now, Dan will have to ensure that the two people he supposedly killed end up dead, while simultaneously trying to prevent Billy from becoming another casualty of the war between Adversaries and Employers. Can The Titor House Gang avert tragedy and preserve the timeline? And whatever became of the previous crew of time travelers who worked with Mrs. Wells? Listen to find out!

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