Apr 102019
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Still trapped in the magical land of Equestria, the misfit team of Rag-NERD-rok characters must get their charge back to Earth to be debriefed by The Estate. However, before they can make their way to a translation gate, five pastel ponies arrive, demanding answers about the gunfight in Ponyville. It soon becomes obvious that the mercenaries hired by The September Project have taken two of the natives hostage, and the party splits as some charge to the rescue while the others press their own hostage for information. Can Weylond, Ruby and Duncan save the day? Will Pizdipple and Antonio be able to restrain themselves before they torture someone to death in a cartoon universe? Will they make it out of Equestria alive? Listen to find out!

Apr 032019
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A group has been assembled. A very special group. Some may say they are the strongest and most talented group every assembled. 

Those people would be wrong.

A group of Rag-NERD-Rok characters have all found their way to Earth, navigating the various networks of The Strange. They now work for the Estate, and are sent on a mission none of them could ever expect. 

Can Ruby Gleam, Pizzdipple the Buoyant, Antonio Ravioli, Weyland Brown and Amy the gorilla find a way to work together? Or will their first mission together be absolute chaos?

You probably already know the answer.

Mar 202019
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This week, Alex runs the gang through his in-development heist game, According to Plan!

A team of extraordinary agents plucked from different points in the timeline make up the Time Cops’ most exclusive team. This time, they are being sent back to 1918 Russia to steal Rasputin’s most…prized possession. And they need to do it before Vladimir Putin, who has also traveled back in time, gets his hands on it to fuel his evil magic!

Can a moody clone of Nikola Tesla, a Japanese yodeler/chicken-mancer, cyborg Paul Bunyan and a floating magical head get the mission done? Probably not! But they’re going to try!

Mar 132019
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Jason Statham, international movie star, is taking a well-deserved holiday. But, as always, the Wesley Sniper is up to his evil tricks, and is trying to ruin Jason’s vacation!

It’s up to a very dedicated team of employees from Jason’s management agency to look out for him and protect him from all of the dastardly hazards the Wesley Sniper will throw at them.

Will the team be able to save Jason Statham’s vacation? Or will he get sad and go home? Listen to find out!

Mar 062019

…be sure to vote for your top two favorite game sessions in our poll, which you can find here!

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