Feb 032021
A detailed drawing of a goat's head with the words, "Gota Lief" written beneath it.

The Fools are back for another exciting mis-adventure! This time, they’re joined by an exciting (?) new companion, with a very original name!

Still traveling across the Shifting Savannah, the Fools set out to find and explore a relic of the ancient past. A shrine to Yntos, forgotten over the millennia, could help Walter reestablish his connection with his god, for better or worse. 

But not everything at this shrine is as it seems. What mysteries await? Will the Fools survive? How much of this continent will they destroy along the way? Listen to find out!

Jan 272021
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Join us as we play the new mega-dungeon for Mothership!

Three people awaken from cryopods aboard a mysterious space station. They have no memories of their pasts and no idea how they got here, or even where “here” is. 

They’re going to have to work together to figure out where they are. But first, they’re going to have to survive.

Jan 202021
A detailed drawing of a goat's head with the words, "Gota Lief" written beneath it.

The Fools are back!

While searching the floating continent for Fate in order to call them an asshole, some of the Fools’ past starts to catch up with them. People that they have wronged have come for revenge. They don’t seem to agree that the Fools are not at fault for all the things that have happened.

Will the Fools be able to survive this one? Or has their legacy of wanton destruction finally caught up with them? Listen to find out!

Jan 132021
Dueling Gods Path Art

Well, this is it. The posse has its final target in its sights.

Killing the devil ain’t no small thing. He’s a wily one, and likely to have a few tricks up his sleeves. But the posse is here to see this to the end, even if it means chasing the bastard into Hell itself.

But will they be able to finish this and save the world? Or is Armageddon fated to destroy everything? Listen to find out in this epic conclusion!

Dec 302020
Dueling Gods Path Art

The posse is continuing their trek through the strange, twisted caves that Death built for them. The tests are getting more difficult as they go. And they still need to find Jessamin. 

Will they be able to conquer Death’s challenges? Or will the posse be stuck in limbo forever?

Listen to find out!