Jul 192011

When a beloved series is laid to rest by its creators, never again to offer us the thrill and joy of new installments, its fans are often overcome with grief. Whether the series in question spanned a decade or only a few short seasons, they feel as if there wasn’t enough time to truly relish what it had to offer. Mourning these losses can be difficult and draining, for even as fans remember the good times they had watching, reading, or listening, they must acknowledge that the story has come to an end if they are truly to move on. In this very special episode of Rag-NERD-rok, Alex, Ryan, Ed, Meyer and Erik take a fond look back at some of their favorite series that have “passed beyond the veil,” so to speak, and pay them tribute in stirring eulogy. After this nerdly memorial service, Alex gives us a review of “The Rocketeer Adventures,” and Ed introduces the first episode of his new audio drama, “Dead of Winter.”

(Show notes after the break.)

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