Nov 012017

We hope you all enjoyed our Spooktober offerings over the past month. Now that Halloween has come and gone, we’re back with more of Ed’s mystery campaign in Fate Accelerated, Rasa! When we last left our heroes, they had just defeated a werewolf, and were about to mount a raid on the hatch where their kidnapped companion is being held. First, however, they’ll have to traverse the perilous underworld beneath Loredo’s island, a nether-realm where sleeping dragons and subterranean traps lie in wait. Will they be able to find their way through the obstacles in their way and reach the hatch before it’s too late? Can they uncover the hidden mysteries surrounding their pasts? Listen to find out!

Sep 272017

We’re back with another exciting installment of Rasa! Separated from the group and taken to a fortified underground complex, Connie awakens to find one of Loredo’s minions who is willing to cut the group a deal. If they make their way to the lighthouse on the other side of the island and eliminate the leader of the group that has taken refuge there, Loredo will restore their memories and free them from the island. Of course, convincing the rest of the group that this offer is legitimate proves difficult, but the group sets out for the lighthouse anyway, hoping to find allies against Loredo’s machinations. Is this a cruel trick, an elaborate test, or something more sinister? Listen to find out!

Sep 132017

After defeating Buddy, the chainsaw-wielding madman guarding the exit, Cole, Connie, Chet and Rick find themselves on a tropical island, surrounded on all sides by anachronisms and curiosities. However, before they can leave and begin to explore, a door seals shut, splitting the group and trapping Connie and Chet inside the Namaste Hotel. It soon becomes evident that the sinister forces that have brought the group to the island have kidnapped the pair for undoubtedly nefarious purposes, taking them deep into the shadowed underground. When Rick and Steve set out to explore the island, they run into two other amnesiacs, Ox and Doc, who have been roughing it outdoors for the past week. In order to rescue their friends and uncover the truth about what has happened to them, the new group will have to confront Loredo and his minions–which, unfortunately, includes a group of temporally displaced pirates who have been given orders to kill. Can they overcome the threat and rescue their comrades from untold peril? Listen to find out!

Sep 062017

Four strangers awaken with no memory of who they are, where they are, or how they got there. They find themselves inside a deserted capsule hotel called the Namaste, a confusing, impossible space that seems more like a movie set than an actual hotel. Through flashbacks and recollections, they begin to uncover their identities, as well as a mysterious connection to a figure named Mr. Loredo. Is he responsible for their current predicament? Will the motley group ever learn the truth? And why does the bellhop have a chainsaw, anyway? Join The Rag-NERD-rok Crew for an original Fate Accelerated campaign frame inspired by shows such as Lost and Persons Unknown, and find out…in three or four episodes!

Aug 022017

Three gentlemen from the upper crust of Victorian society — a doctor, a champion polo player and a “poet” — are planning on spending a lovely day on the estate of their Grandfather. However, things don’t go as they planned. Between the alien invasion, time jumps and terrifying monsters, this afternoon at Grandpapa’s is not what was expected.

And worse, their tea is likely to get cold!

This game was run in FATE, but the scenario was created using Ed’s homebrew scenario creator.