Dec 142016

Ruby, Dourla and Ryder unite with some newfound friends to hunt for another Demiurge artifact in the perilous world of Umdaar! This week, another of Ruby’s visions leads them to the Mediocre Coast, where they discover a lovely resort town known as Meh. There, they meet Sir Reginald Blake, a mutant psychic whose third eye sees unknowable secrets, and his traveling companion, Charlemagne, a cytyr–half-robot, half-baboon. Together, they decide to summon the sky-carriage that climbs the silver pillar at the center of town, hoping that the artifact they seek is located somewhere in the skylands above. However, before they can claim it, they’ll have to face the formidable beast, Ela-Vator, negotiate with a lusty fish-person, and survive within a deadly thunderstorm. Was Ruby’s vision of the artifact accurate? Will the Archaeonauts survive their climb to the heavens? Just how versatile is the sex doll programming in Dourla’s cybernetic helmet? Find out, in our latest episode of Masters of Umdaar!

Nov 022016

Three adventurers, drawn to the edge of a blighted wasteland by visions of an ancient Demiurge city, find only a small company town in a fetid swamp. Ruby Gleam, half-snake, half-unicorn, is a flamboyant spellcaster who uses the magics of Umdaar to make herself the center of attention. Dourla, a cybernetic slug with a malfunctioning control helmet, uses her master spy skills to stay beneath The Masters’ radar. Ryder is the last of the frogmen, a long-forgotten warrior race, who has in his possession a dormant Artifact. They soon learn that other parties of Archaeonauts have passed through town, seeking the Staff of Shadow, and set out in search of the staff themselves. Will they share the unknowable fate of their predecessors, or will they succeed where others have failed? Listen to find out!

Dec 302015
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Millennia ago, a race of beings known as The Demiurge reshaped the fledgeling planet of Umdaar in their own image, leaving behind powerful artifacts and abandoned experiments. Now, Umdaar is ruled by a group of tyrannical Masters whose only goal is to gain more power. Groups of treasure hunters known as Archaeonauts have dedicated themselves to exploring Umdaar’s forgotten places to find the lost artifacts of the Demiurge, hoping to keep them from the clutches of the Masters. One such group now faces off against agents of evil who seek to reunite the Starblades of Su’ul, weapons that give their wielders superhuman abilities. Can they recover the starblades and escape from an ancient temple before their enemies, or will they find themselves on the wrong end of a magical weapon?