Feb 212018

In this week’s episode of Alex’s Red Markets campign, The Missionaries decide to design their own score! They know of a cache of alcohol out in The Loss that would suit the needs of a local hospital enclave perfectly. It has remained untouched because its contents cater to a…unique palate. Unfortunately, the job site is rumored to be swarming with casualties of all types, and is sealed behind a heavy vault door in a building with no windows. On top of that, they’ll have to deal with a LALA who has made the distillery her home. Can they load up the truck and make some money off of this score, or will their quest for Malört end in regret? Listen to find out!

Feb 072018

In this week’s adventure, The Missionaries take a second job for Joseph, the man in their enclave who’s looking to build a windmill. He needs them to go to a scrap metal yard to pick up pieces that can be used to construct the windmill. But first, they need to make a stop along the way to get a truck.

And the Missionaries finally encounter their first aberrant!

Jan 312018

In this week’s game, the situation with Atlantis is starting to grow dire. The residents of Bounti have a choice: either find a new source of water, or find a way to smooth things over with Atlantis.

Not liking either of those options, Watchdog and Deacon decide to go on a dangerous mission to infiltrate Atlantis and try to put an end to Poseidon. But there’s a lot to consider when playing kingmaker, and regicide is never easy. Does the duo have what it takes to pull off their assassination? Or will they just plunge the two enclaves into either further conflict? Listen to find out!

Jan 242018

In this week’s installment of Alex’s Red Markets campaign, The Missionaries are tasked with retrieving the original prints of the Star Wars films from George Lucas’ secluded woodland retreat. When they arrive at the job site, however, they find that the director’s home-away-from-home has been commandeered by a group of well-armed Archivists, who have turned it into a repository of artifacts from before The Crash. Can they find a way to get the priceless films they were sent to retrieve, or will this job involve an unpleasant amount of wetwork? Listen to find out!

Jan 102018

When a documentary filmmaker puts out a call for Takers to journey to a fallen enclave out in The Loss, The Missionaries answer! They’ll have to infiltrate Payton-Stokes Academy, a private high school designed during the paranoid days of bomb threats and active shooters, to get the footage the client wants. During The Crash, the school was an ideal spot to set up an enclave: good sight lines, tight security, backup power supply. However, because of the Romero Effect, the students and their families who took refuge there succumbed to a Vector outbreak, and the entire settlement collapsed. Whistler, Deacon and UNIX set off believing that they’re walking into an abattoir of roaming Casualties, but what they find at Payton-Stokes is far more disturbing. Can they wrap production on time and under budget, or will their simple shoot turn into a living nightmare?