Dec 202011

A friend of mine linked me to this video recently (Thanks Menelven, if you’re reading this), and I fell in love with the song. For anyone who loved the original Pokemon more than any of the newer ones, this guy certainly echoes your sentiments. There’s a bit of a lengthy plug at the end, but considering the fact that we like to shamelessly plug our own product, I suppose it’s acceptable. Video after the jump.

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Dec 142011

Do you know what my favorite part of Christmas is? It’s not the gifts or the carols or the mistletoe. It’s not even getting drunk with my family. Nope. It’s the now-seasonal Christmas episode of Doctor Who. And the BBC was kind enough to gift us all this holiday season with a new trailer for the upcoming episode.

(Trailer and more after the jump)

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Dec 122011

The VGAs (Video Game Awards) were this week. And to be honest, the winners and losers don’t really matter because the awards don’t really matter. The reason everybody watches the show is because it is basically a huge commercial/ advertisement for video games. So after the break let me show you a couple of video game trailers that caught my eye. Continue reading »

Nov 302011

If you step back a bit and squint, you can see Minecraft as a microcosm of human development. Each player begins as a rugged caveman, punching trees, living in holes, and fashioning crude tools to survive in a hostile world. From there, he progresses to mining for resources, smelting ore, and even farming. By the time an experienced player has carved out a comfortable niche for himself in the blocky, auto-generated terrain, he is (more likely than not) a master of his own palace who’s sitting on a stockpile of weapons and resources, a “modern” person with all the pixelated comforts of an advanced civilization.

The game mirrors humankind’s ability to use whatever is available in our environment to fashion whatever we need to thrive. However, as one dedicated Minecrafter points out, the ecological effects of this relationship are not accurately reflected in the current build, so he decided to hack the game until they became more evident.

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