Sep 272011

I’d love to be able to interview Alan Tudyk. Many people only know him as Wash from “Firefly,” but he’s a pretty accomplished actor. He actually did the voice of Sonny from “I, Robot,” and Ed and I had the opportunity to see him as Lancelot on Broadway when we saw “Spamalot.” He was also Steve the Pirate in “Dodgball.”

But until the day comes that I get to interview Tudyk myself, I’ll have to settle with reading interviews that other people have done with him, like this recent one from SFX.

(Link and more after the jump)

In the interview, Tudyk doesn’t actually talk about his new, hilarious-looking movie, “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.” But he does, however, talk at length about “Firefly,” “I, Robot,” and even “Dollhouse.” Apparently, his role as Alpha on “Dollhouse” got him solicitations to play more bad guys, which he didn’t really like. He even talks about being a pioneer in the field of motion-capture acting.

If you’re a fan of the actor, like most of us here at RNR are, then you should probably check it out. It’s interesting stuff.

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