Sep 292011

It’s September, and that means all of the shows that we love and those we have yet to fall in love with are coming back. Some of the greats like “Breaking Bad” and “Doctor Who” are just wrapping up, but not before the return of “Fringe” last Friday.

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What we have here is the beginning of the “full DVR” season, because honestly, who has the time to watch TV when it’s actually on anymore? Thanks to sites like Hulu, iTunes and Sidereel, you can find almost any of these shows online. But for those of us who like to watch our shows on a big-screen TV, we’ve got our DVRs primed and ready. Here’s a list of some of the shows I am looking forward to watching this season:

Fringe, 30 Rock, The Office, Dexter, Terra Nova (New), Family Guy, Supernatural, The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire.

If I missed one of your favorites, don’t get mad. Just post what you’re looking forward to. No need to be mean about it…

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