Oct 252011

On Sunday, Once Upon A Time premiered on ABC. This Friday, Grimm is premiering on NBC. If you haven’t guessed by the titles, they are both shows based on fairy tales and fantasy. Is this the next big thing for TV? Can we expect more shows like these? Find out my thoughts after the break.

For a while, superhero stories were the things that TV shows tried to do. This was probably due to the success of Heroes, which was a fantastic show for a season or (arguably) two. And riding on its coattails came shows like The Cape, Wonder Woman, and No Ordinary Family.

Now when I turn on the TV, I see shows like Game Of Thrones, Being Human and, like I mentioned earlier, Once Upon A Time and Grimm. It just seems to me that fantasy is becoming what superheroes used to be for television.

Well, that actually depends on the success of these shows. And the first season of Game Of Thrones was highly rated by both fans and critics alike. Also, Once Upon A Time opened to strong ratings this Sunday. So I guess fantasy shows are doing alright.

If I was a betting man I would be pretty confident putting money on us seeing more fantasy shows on television in the very near future.

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