Nov 112011

Do you know what the worst thing in the world is? It’s not cancer, or even My Little Pony (although that’s close). It’s Creepers. Mother fucking Creepers.

Those giant green cocks will sneak up on you when you least expect it and then ruin everything! All that gold you mined? Gone! All of those melon seeds you found in a cave deep under ground? Kaput! That diamond pickaxe you managed to craft? Blown to shit! And, of course, it always happens when you’re in an area you can never find again.

For a long time now, Minecraft fans have had to suffer in silence, unable to correctly convey the anguish and hatred that Creepers cause. Until now, that is.

(superb video after the jump)

Youtuber freddiew channeled the frustration that all Crafters feel towards Creepers. It’s done perfectly, too.

My favorite part of the video, actually, are the little flourishes: the inventory that’s completely made up of diamond, the gunpowder bobbing above the ground amongst the creeper corpses and the way the hole in the street has Minecraft-block textures after the last Creeper explodes. Although, the girl in the video his holding that gun completely wrong. But she’s distraught over those Creepers, so I’ll forgive her.

Apparently, Freddie has made quite a few videos that make fun of video games. I suggest checking them out.

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