Jul 042012

In the theater of American politics, all the world’s a stage, and election time is the ultimate audition. But what exactly goes on behind the scenes, so to speak? Who designs the narrative that the actors will play out? Who sets the scene and directs the action? Are the players free agents, or puppets of a larger, more sinister force? Two rival presidential candidates are about to discover the horrifying truth, but can they break their strings, or will they submit to the machinations of their true masters? Listen to find out!

(More information about the playset after the break.)

The Fiasco playset used to create this game, “My Fellow Citizens,” was written by Rag-NERD-rok’s own Alex Costello and friend of RNR Chris Baumler. If you’d like to use it to create your own hilarious webs of political intrigue, you can find the PDF here.

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