Aug 092012

A revolution is brewing in the Martian city of Olympus, and it’s up to our favorite team of Firewall Sentinels to infiltrate it! But just how far will they have to go to prove their loyalty? In this episode, Gavin and Elis attend a Barsoomian rally, and are given a deadly assignment by one of the group’s emerging leaders. Meanwhile, Lucas, Amir and Damien race to save their primate ally Dalton from the clutches of Grey Xiu, an old enemy, working for the mob. Will Gavin and Elis be willing to do what it takes to vet themselves with the Barsoomians? What does the Night Cartel have in store for Dalton? Will the rest of the team be able to get to him in time? Find out in another exciting installment of Eclipse Phase!

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