Aug 222012

France, November 1944: War rages. The Allies have successfully pushed the German Wehrmacht nearly to its own borders, but the victory has come at a heavy cost. In order to escape the brutal fighting on the front lines, two former infantrymen have secured themselves cushy positions in the motor pool at Camp Lucky Strike, an Allied replacement depot in the rear, where one abuses morphine and the other does as little as possible. When the camp’s black market drug supplier comes to them for help with transporting his latest shipment, the two of them will have to contend with the angry mechanic who picks up all of their slack, their flirtatious commanding officer, and a German POW with a bloody score to settle. Will they make it back to Camp Lucky Strike with the morphine, or will they strike out? Listen to this Fiasco Actual Play to find out!

This Fiasco was created using the Camp Lucky Strike playset, written by Jason Morningstar and edited by Steve Segedy. It was Playset of the Month in April, 2010.

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