Oct 252012

When two mobsters return to their hometown of Manna, Kansas, to handle some business for their boss, the last thing they expect to deal with is the zombie apocalypse! However, a mysterious illness has stricken more than half the town’s population, and those who succumb to its final stages begin to rise again and prey upon the living, hungry for flesh. Now, they’ll have to set aside their differences and team up with their former classmate, the high school football coach, if they want to survive the night. Will they see another sunrise, or will old grudges and fresh insults make them just as dangerous to one another as the living dead? Listen in to find out!

This game of Fiasco was created using The Manna Hotel (Playset of the Month, July 2010), along with the add-on The Living Dead (Bonus Add-on for October 2012). Be sure to check them out!

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