Nov 222012

Horror is growing beneath the sleepy Hudson Valley town of Barrington, New York. A history professor hunting in the woods stumbles upon a naked young man wandering aimlessly among the trees and receives the shock of his life. The man, a former student of his, was murdered eighteen months prior in a drug deal gone bad, and now, he’s been resurrected as a living vegetable. Soon, a county patrolman, his recent collar, and a doctor at the local hospital join the investigation. When another plant zombie shambles onto the scene, the group must confront a slew of pressing questions, and find the answers fast. How many undead are there in Barrington? Is this an epidemic? Where are they coming from? And most importantly, how can they be stopped?

(NOTE: This game was played over a marathon five hour session. We have decided to split it into two AP files, rather than release it all at once, because even though we’re hilarious role players, we realize that you out there in Internetland probably have better things to do than sit and listen to us bullshit for five hours. As such, look for “The Hungry Earth, Part II” in two weeks!)

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