Jul 172013

Years ago, the first Saturnian aerostat Cloud Holm was lost in a violent storm during its opening gala, a notorious disaster that represented the greatest loss of transhuman life since The Fall. Now, it appears as if part of the crippled habitat may have survived, and Chronus Ventures, the Titanian microcorp that financed its construction, wants answers, so they send a salvage team to investigate the wreckage and download important data from the habitat’s central computer. When the salvagers encounter a group of desperate survivors, they’ll have to use a combination of finesse and quick wits if they want to depart with the information they’ve been sent to recover. Before long, another deadly storm looms on the horizon, and they find themselves racing against the clock to collect the data, return to the ship and escape alive. Will they make it, or will they end up permanent residents of Cloud Holm? Listen to find out! 

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