Oct 022013

Following the dust-up at Seldon’s Noctis-Qianjiao apartment complex, the Prometheus Syndicate takes steps to ensure that our rogue Firewall Sentinels will be apprehended–dead or alive. Someone claiming to be Gavin makes a terrorist threat through the entire population’s entoptics, challenging the citizens to find the team and deal with them before they can escape, or a series of bombs will detonate within the city. Now, the group’s only hope for surviving the ordeal might be an unexpected ally: Zora, the Anarchist saboteur who worked with them aboard the Ecstatic Metamorphosis. Can they slip through the streets without arousing the suspicions of the Noctis-Qianjiao police or a horde of panicked citizens? And what about the sniper, tracking them relentlessly from the rooftops? Find out, this week on Fugitives!

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