Oct 232013

Join us this week for the thrilling conclusion to Caleb Stokes’ The Red Tower! Reeling from their bloody confrontation with the Borkowski family in the previous episode, pinko reporter Donald Hume and his activist friend Fitz seek treatment from a back alley surgeon. In order to solve the mystery of Chambliss Charities, they’ll have to find out what’s really going on at the meatpacking plant, which appears to have been bricked up decades ago. Meanwhile, crazed mafioso Benny DiCappo leads his partner Johnny at gunpoint into a maze of cattle tunnels beneath Chicago. If they want to escape, they’ll have to overcome the labyrinth’s many obstacles, elude or destroy the fearsome creatures that patrol its brick corridors, and confront the powerful entity at its heart. Can these four Investigators survive with their minds intact, or will the secret in The Red Tower overwhelm their fragile psyches and lead them to a messy death? Listen to find out!

Note: This session (and its previous installment) were based upon the system-less scenario “The Red Tower,” by Caleb Stokes of Hebanon Games. If you liked what you heard, be sure to check out the PDF. You can also visit them on the web here.

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