Nov 132013

ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS OF ALPHA COMPLEX: The following Actual Play recording has been pre-approved for general distribution by iCensor #3273 of the Wholesome Entertainment Advisory Board. All citizens with Red clearance or above are free to download the attached MP3 file and enjoy the comical hijinks described therein. Your enjoyment is mandatory. If you do not enjoy this pre-approved content, you will be required to defend your opinions before a panel of qualified psychologists and medical interrogation androids. Following the inquiry, it may be necessary to reprogram or terminate the current iteration of your consciousness in order to return your entertainment appreciation values to normative levels. REMINDER: All citizens are required to report any instances of pro-Mutant propaganda, Communist rhetoric, or other seditious speech present in pre-approved entertainment materials. Failure to do so is treason.

Have a nice day, and remember: The Computer is your friend!

Ryan – V – RNR – 5

This Fiasco was created using the Alpha Complex playset by Dan Curtis Johnson. Be sure to check it out!

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