Dec 112013

You know how the old story goes: a group of wandering adventurers arrives in a small medieval village, road-weary and eager for a rest, or maybe a pint at the local tavern–hijinks ensue. However, in this instance, our group of brave wanderers arrives in one particular village to find the place deserted, vacant of any human presence. It seems the local wizard, an elderly and somewhat absent-minded fellow, has accidentally cast a spell that trapped the village’s population in a crystal, and while he was trying to reverse the process, just happened to teleport it into the clutches of a mad lich who reigns in eternal undeath from a nearby tomb of horrors. Now, our stalwart band must journey into an ancient necromancer’s lair in order to retrieve the missing gem so that the goofy old wizard can set things right. Can they rescue the townsfolk from the evil skeleton and restore them to life? And shouldn’t there be some kind of reward for this sort of thing? Listen in to find out!

This game session was created using the two-page Adventurers! rules, by GRAmel Games. It’s cheap and easy to learn. If you’re interested in a fun, light-hearted, and ultra rules light system, check it out!

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