Mar 052014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

Meet the lab rats of Project Wisteria, Dr. John Sutcliffe’s latest experiment: There’s Chopsticks, the hideously obese alpha male who has subjugated every cage in the laboratory to his vicious whims. Crimson, Chopsticks’ right-hand rat, runs errands and keeps the peasants in line for his rotund master. The two of them share a disturbing proclivity for eating babies from other rats’ litters. There’s also Patches, whose monstrous ability to set small fires with his mind has made him the (slightly singed) pariah of the entire lab. Finally, there’s Speedy, a dim-witted, accident-prone specimen who manages to keep Patches from burning down the building with his unquestioning friendship and slapstick antics. When a new phase of the experiment begins and a mysterious mutagen is introduced to the rat population’s water supply, it will be up to these four to figure out how to save the rest from becoming hideous abominations of science. Can Chopsticks, Crimson, Patches and Speedy set aside their differences long enough to rescue their fellow lab rats from certain doom, or will they get the entire group purged for meddling with the results? And what about that pesky lab technician who seems to have caught on to the rats’ abnormal behavior? Listen to find out!

This Fiasco session was created using the playset “Rat Patrol” by Jason Morningstar, which is one hundred percent wonderful, and well worth checking out.

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