May 212014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

When two detectives are called in to investigate a gruesome murder in the small town of Skiatook, Oklahoma, they are hardly prepared for the scene that awaits them. They find the body mounted to the wall, its entrails spilled from a surgically precise abdominal wound, its lungs removed. No sooner than they finish attending to the crime scene, another body is discovered with the same wounds a few blocks away. Suddenly, the chase is on, but are they pursuing a single deranged killer or multiple perps who have committed similar mutilations? As the two detectives race to uncover clues, it becomes evident that more of Skiatook’s residents are in danger, but they lack the time and the resources to protect everyone at risk. Can they figure out what motivated the killings, who committed them and who might be next before another body turns up? Listen to find out!

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