Jun 042014
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Dr. Davenfirth [sic] Gives Instructions ◊ The Prefects Reach an Agreement ◊ Ophelia’s Ghostly Quest ◊ Pricilla Petty Strikes Back ◊ Ms. Silverdale Caught Snooping ◊ Duncan Rushes In ◊ Dr. Candlewick’s Book of Dreams ◊ HP, Maxwell and the Missing Family History ◊ Ophelia Visits The Infirmary and Plots Revenge ◊ Cecil and Josie Wrough Broker a Peace ◊ Duncan’s First Lesson ◊ A Dress for Little Nunsie ◊ The West Wing Bathroom ◊ Son of the House of Candlewick ◊ The C-Team Assembles ◊ The Missing Doll ◊ The First Mission

In this week’s episode, Josie and Cecil struggle to maintain the peace between their charges, before Pricilla’s feud with the new arrivals can cause any more trouble. However, after a tense encounter leaves Ophelia in the infirmary, she decides to get even with the help of a ghostly friend. Now, in order to prevent a tantrum that could land them all in hot water, they’ll have to find Pricilla’s missing doll, or face her wrath. Can they retrieve it without drawing the attention of the adults? Listen to find out!

A Pheasant Under Glass

Pheasant Under Glass

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