Jun 112014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

Six ordinary people, drawn into a conspiracy with shadowy motives and no common sense, are tasked with discrediting a scientist’s reputation on behalf of their employers. Scotty is an avid PC gamer, struggling to reconnect with his teenaged son after a messy divorce. Addison is an estate lawyer looking after his elderly grandfather, as well as a notorious cheapskate. Drew owns a cigar store and enjoys building model train sets. Colin, a veritable Don Juan who consistently postpones his commitment to his fiancée, works as the assistant concierge at a posh hotel. Johnny owns a local motel and plays peacemaker between his children and stepchildren. Finally, Michael is a truck driver living in a halfway home with a shady character named Maurice who is always calling him up with odd requests. Can these six strangers figure out a way to carry out The Organization’s mission, or will they be foiled by the quick thinking of an enemy agent? And who brings their kids on a secret spy op, anyway? Find out, on our first episode of Deniable!

Check out the Deniable website for more information about the game! The PDF is free as the game is still in Beta, so go download it and give it a try.

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