Jun 252014
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Noch and Duncan Plan an Excursion ◊ Karl Krakov Joins the Party ◊ Dotty and Cecil Explore the Cavern ◊ The Orphans Slip By ◊ Enoch’s Grandfather ◊ Little Nunsie Disappears ◊ Cemetery Ghosts Harangue the Children ◊ A History of the House of Candlewick (1752 – 1899) ◊ The C-Team Loses Their Way ◊ Much Ado about Grave Robbery ◊  A New Friend for Jareth

In the third installment of The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor, the orphans venture into the caverns beneath the Candlewick estate in order to find Pricilla’s doll and their missing comrades. When Enoch, Duncan, Jareth and Karl make a wrong turn, they run into one of The Vale’s monstrous denizens, the demon car Poe. Meanwhile, Cecil and Dotty discover a valuable resource that could help them make sense of the Candlewick family’s strange past, but unknowingly set off a manhunt that could land everyone in deep trouble. Can they make it back to the house before Dr. Davenfirth [sic] and Ms. Silverdale realize they’re gone, or will they find themselves on the receiving end of a punishment fit for those who would desecrate a Candlewick family grave? Listen to find out!

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