Jul 162014
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Ophelia Takes Charge ◊ Mr. Poe’s Wild Ride ◊ Negotiating with Monsters ◊ A Merry Chase with Deputy Packhammer ◊ Lying Like A Rug ◊ Dr. Davenfirth [sic] Metes Out Punishment ◊ Secret Lovers and Unpaid Debts ◊ A Very Soggy None Of Your Business ◊ The Orphans Slip By Again ◊ The Bed Check ◊ Jareth Stirs Up Trouble ◊ Family Tragedies And Seething Enmity

In this episode, the children scramble to get back to Candlewick Manor before Dr. Davenfirth [sic] and the rest of the staff discover that they’re missing. Noch, Duncan, Jareth and Karl will have to deal with a danger junkie demon car, and Dotty will have to keep Cecil calm enough to cover for them while they’re away. Can they convince Poe to stop speeding and take them home? Will Dotty get in even more trouble just to prevent the others from getting caught? And finally, just what do these Capulets and “Mon-teg-ways” have against each other, anyway? Listen in to find out!

NOTE: The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor is now on hiatus until further notice. As some of you may already be aware, Chris has been absent from our gaming circle for quite some time due to a prolonged illness. A few weeks ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, the prognosis is good, and he is currently undergoing treatment. We’ve decided to place this campaign on hold until he is once again able to resume his role as Cecil, as the unique tragicomedy of The Candlewick Home for the Unwanted and Unloved would not be the same without his jovial presence at the table. In the meantime, all of us at Rag-NERD-rok wish him a speedy and painless recovery.

Get well soon, buddy!

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