Aug 132014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

It’s been a year since the terrorists dropped crystals of Ice-Nine into the water sources of the world’s population centers, plunging humanity into a deepening crisis. As the frozen death spread outward from its various origins, the inhabitable areas have shrunk and the weather has grown increasingly violent. Now, one man has created a vehicle that can survive the devastating conditions of the contamination zone, providing the survivors with their first opportunity to reverse the process that is slowly killing their environment. A dying national guardsman, an alcoholic engineer, a depressive medic and a guilt-ridden scientist set off on an epic journey to retrieve the mother crystal of Ice-Nine from Austin, Texas, in the hopes of finding a way to undo the destruction. But in order to complete their mission, they’ll have to face a lot more than harsh terrain and terrifying ice tornadoes. Forces of opposition are stirring in the wastes, enemies that will push the team to its limits and force them to confront their own personal demons. Will their desperate gambit succeed, or will their mission be lost in the cold? Listen to find out!

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