Oct 272014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

It’s Halloween, and Mister Expy has graciously decided to throw the gang a costume party to celebrate. However, when a swarm of giant living dead bees created by a mad scientist attacks a Boston elementary school, The No Way! Squad: East Coast franchise finds itself facing a daunting threat: brain-hungry, hive-minded zombie children! To eliminate the zom-bee horde and restore–order?–to the Downtown Boston Area, they’ll need the assistance of two new members: Sticky Flambers, a kleptomaniac with pyrokinetic powers, and “Pete,” a mysterious shape-shifter who mimics the abilities and appearances of those around him. Can our brave hero-types triumph against a veritable army of grade school children, or will they feel the sting of defeat? Listen in to the first of five Hallo-Week horror games to find out!

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