Dec 312014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

In this week’s Actual Play, the prisoners from The Big Break finally put their plan into motion and mount a daring escape. First, however, they must recover the warden’s security passkey, without which they cannot access the dry docks where submarines from the surface make regular deliveries. In the warden’s personal quarters, they discover another prisoner, one mysteriously immune to the alien creatures that have turned other inmates into hyper-loyal, super strong footsoldiers, and rescue him from solitary confinement. When the escapees trigger the warden’s dead man switch on a hidden booby trap, they must find an alternate route out of the prison complex, one which will lead them to confront the prison doctor and a squad of alien hybrids in hopes of boarding the one escape sub. Can they defeat the hybrids and pilot the sub to freedom, or will they find themselves sealed in a watery tomb? Listen to find out!

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