Jan 142015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

The idyllic village of Beggar’s Hole is a lot more pleasant than its name would imply: its inhabitants enjoy prosperity and comfort thanks to the local turkey ranches and a nearby deposit of magicite crystals that can be mined to produce enchanted items. However, when a shadow storm infects the town’s landfowl, the magical powers of the crystal caves spawn giant magicite turkeys to do battle with the shadow menace, and the innocent villagers are caught in the middle! Now, trapped in the local alehouse, a completely random group of Level 0 characters must survive the melee with only a few improvised weapons and their wits to aid them. Can an onion farmer, a wandering elf, an impulsive alewife, a rat catcher, a dim shoemaker, a falconer, an elderly bard and a budding thief discover the source of the shadow magic before it’s too late, or are they destined to be squashed like bugs on the windshield of high fantasy role playing? Listen to find out!

This session was created using the Dungeon World supplement Funnel World by Jason Lutes. If you like high fantasy hilarity, random tables, and putting PCs with only a handful of hit points in deadly peril, then this is the book to buy.

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