Feb 042015
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In the wake of Porter’s abortive Hell-dragging, the members of the Fear Force Five find their lives in ruins. Now that the public knows their civilian identities, they can no longer operate within Apex City, so the League of Supervillains offers them a chance to start over in a new locale. The team is sent to the desert metropolis of Bulbous Quarry, where they are given new lives and assigned to work under the supervision of a once-great villain who’s looking to get back in the game. Far from home, the Triple-F must once again start from scratch with new villainous personas and gimmicks. Can they use this exile as an opportunity to reclaim their former glory, or is it merely a kind of living hell? Will they be able to stay on the League’s good side after all the trouble they caused? And what about Porter, the demon whose talisman the surviving members have vowed to destroy? Find out, this week in our Better Angels campaign!

Campaign Navigator: Better Angels – “Apex City / Bulbous Quarry Capers”

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