Feb 112015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

Dangerous experiments aboard Star Station Sigma have created a deadly white hole that is slowly pulling the hab and its remaining crew closer and closer. What do the doomed inhabitants choose to do with their few precious remaining hours? Try to expand their territory to encompass every last cubic meter of pressure, of course! Don Tachyoni and his dim-witted mafiosi Fat Carlo and Donny are out to make their fellow crew members an offer they can’t refuse, but when the station’s only remaining doctor accidentally exposes Donny to a dangerous mutagen, all their takeover plans get complicated. Can The Tachyoni Mob tighten its grip on Star Station Sigma before it’s crushed into quantum foam? Will anyone survive this nonsense, and more importantly, by the time the mutagen spreads its influence across the station, will they even want to? Listen to find out!

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