Mar 252015
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Beyond The Great Pine Forests of the North, beneath the jagged Knifecrag Mountains, there lies a treacherous maze of caves and tunnels known across the kingdom of Wohlsenshire as The Throatcutter’s Caverns. In order to reach the lair of the dracolich Isadora, The Nettlers must first brave the dangers within, including slave-driving deep elves and an unearthly magical force that permeates every chamber. As The Nettlers explore this dreaded subterranean labyrinth,  they’ll find themselves confronted with the perils and curious offerings from the deep–but do these magical gifts come with strings attached? Plus, we reveal more about the party’s (counter)revolutionary activities over the past eight months, and Barnabas, their lost paladin, returns, bearing the scars of his time in exile. Will The Nettlers find what they’re looking for in The Throatcutter’s Caverns, or will something truly unspeakable find them first? Listen to find out!

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