May 202015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

Are you ready for the most awesome, the most intense, the most bone-shattering Rag-NERD-rok Fiasco to date? Well, here it comes, brother! The King and The Duke used to be the tag-team stars of the FUCW, back before the feud that split their promotion into two rival groups. Now, with their separate franchises flagging, the two showrunners decide a merger is necessary, but they only have the funds to keep one of their two rosters on staff. Their star performers, The Prince and The Jester, will do whatever it takes to make the cut. The wild card in this bout-to-end-all-bouts is a former wrestler turned stagehand who works for both promotions, a man who suffered a career-ending injury and now has a score to settle with just about everybody. Five characters will enter the ring, but only one will emerge as the FUCW pro wrestling star of the Dakotas! Find out who gets pinned, who taps out, and who reigns supreme in this week’s Fiasco! (Only $9.95!)

This session of Fiasco was generated using the Blood and Ropes playset by James Gabrielsen AND Maciej Sabat. If you want to listen in on our set-up for this session, you can do so here.

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