Jun 032015
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After a long hiatus, The Titor House gang is back! This week, they find themselves in Egypt during the 1920s, where they must gain entry to an ancient tomb in order to retrieve an artifact from a secret Employer cache. The tomb itself is guarded by powerful magics, and the body interred there may not be as dead–or as human–as they would like to believe. Within, they’ll find the chip they need to preserve the time loop that Malcolm and Patrick experienced during the breakdown, along with new information about the true nature of their mission. As most of the time travelers have long suspected, the battle between Employers and Adversaries is not as cut-and-dry as it was originally made out to be. Can Malcolm, Dan, Tyger, Gertrude, Patrick and Jack escape from The Tomb of the First Son with the artifact they seek? Even if they can, what hope do they have of surviving a war that has raged the entire span of human history, between vast forces that control time itself?

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