Jul 292015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

In the Dragon Empire, brave adventurers pledge themselves to the service of the mighty Icons who vie for power over the realm. When two such adventurers, a drow paladin of the Great Gold Wyrm and a halfling sorcerer whose Icon relationships are questionable at best, are sent on a dubious mission on the Midland Sea, they get more than they bargained for. The notorious Stone Thief, the world’s oldest and most feared living dungeon, suddenly surfaces, vomiting forth consumed structures and patchwork horrors. After one of its earthquake-like convulsions, the pair find themselves and their crew stranded on a tiny island now swarming with monsters from the Stone Thief’s chilling depths. Can a good-hearted drow and a completely insane halfling keep their crew alive long enough to escape the island? And who thought it was a good idea to trust the rogue that one of them met in jail?

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